Monday, April 29, 2013

springtime in the desert

omg, guys. it’s spring! almost summer, really. but it’s not yet 90+ degrees, so i think it’s safe to call it springtime still. and holy macaroni, it’s beautiful. all of the cacti and trees are blooming and my allergies have gone mad. 

a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine from college, the super awesome one who will be starting at the mayo clinic in june, came to phoenix to search for an apartment in scottsdale. we spent most of the weekend doing that, looking at apartments and making pro & con lists, but we took a little break to go hiking at gateway pass near mcdowell mountain ranch. it was a gorgeous day, with blue skies, so after a little sunscreen application we set off on our walk. and we were amazed at the beautiful scenery. 


the more i travel around arizona, the more i realize just how stunning the desert can be. most of arizona is flat and covered with cactus, but every once in a while there will be an outcropping of hills, that while brown and ruddy looking, are just awesome in their beauty. and unfortunately, just like on our salt river tubing trip last summer, i don’t think my camera, or any camera, can ever quite show how pretty it really is. but take my word for it, it is. and to see these already magnificent hills covered in yellow flowers, red ocotillo buds, and purple cactus blossoms was awesome.



what does spring look like where you live?

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