Thursday, April 18, 2013

the cairns of isla mujeres


our first night on the catamaran we were docked at isla mujeres -- a small island near cancun. so small we could walk from the marina to the other side of the island in less than fifteen minutes. (it's much longer than it is wide.) we only spent an hour or so on the island but on the far side of the island we discovered piles or towers of small rocks on the large, wave-battered rocks. at the time we didn't know why people had built these little statues, but decided we would each build one and look it up after the vacation was over.* regardless of what the little statues were supposed to mean, for me, at least, the statue was a little way for me to reflect on the enormity of the ocean and the fact that no matter what we do or leave behind the waves will own it all. 

*i still can't figure out why people build these cairns (rock towers), but they're a beautiful lesson in patience and the vastness and power of the ocean.


my rocks.


rcg's rocks.

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