Sunday, April 21, 2013

virgin beaches and conch shells

after our night in isla mujeres, we spent the next morning sailing to isla blanca. isla blanca is not a legitimate island though; it's actually a super intense peninsula about 10 miles north of isla mujeres, that takes less than 2 minutes to walk across. the captain parked the catamaran a short distance from shore and we got to swim to shore and explore for a little. and it was magnificent: the beaches were empty and the water was cold but refreshing. 

on the following day we went to another island, a virgin island, with the most spectacular blue-green turquoise water. we couldn't handle swimming in the cold water, so the captain took us to shore in the dingy, and we spent the rest of the morning looking for conch shells and exploring the beach. in our explorations we found a snake, raccoon and ocelot prints, horseshoe crab exo-skeletons, tons of conch shells, and a tortoise skull. it was kind of crazy amazing. unfortunately we didn't take our cameras ashore so there aren't very many pictures; you'll just have to go visit it yourself!

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