Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 -- week 18 -- the importance of documenting the everyday and april day in the life

i feel like i'm busy busy, but for some reason, my photos aren't really portraying that. either i'm not as busy as i think i am, i've been really bad about taking photographs, or i'm so busy that i don't even have time to take photos. regardless of the excuse, it's a shame i haven't been more diligent about taking pictures because i really enjoy it. and i think photographs are a great way to document our lives -- i much prefer it to writing in a journal -- but that only works if you are actually taking pictures of the day to day. because although it's awesome to document the extraordinary it's also really important to document the ordinary. because the ordinary is real life; it's what happens between the vacations, the nights out, and the big events. it's the little things that make our world keep spinning, why not document them, remember them, share them with others, and most of all, cherish them?

it's with this in ming that each month i participate in ali edwards' day in the life. it is an exercise in seeing the beauty in the ordinary, the monotony, and the little things. and since each month's day in the life pictures threatens to be the same as the previous month, i try to do my pictures or my photo layout a little differently. in january i didn't take a lot of pictures (i forgot), but i did write a lot. in february rcg took pictures and documented his day. and in march we were lucky enough to be on vacation to flagstaff so we had fun documenting our day together. but april was a weekday, like january  and february; i had to work and rcg was too busy to document his day again. so i decided to try something a little different this month; rather than taking pictures of what i was looking at, the traditional way one takes a photo, i decided to take pictures of the places i stood throughout the day. because so often we are wrapped up in what we're doing, that we forget all of the places we've been and the things our feet have seen.

do you have any suggestions for ways to spice up next month's day in the life?

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