Thursday, May 16, 2013

2013 -- week 19 -- a strained back, a lost kickball game, and an awesome mom

i have to say, i was seriously skeptical of my own abilities when we started playing kickball last fall, and for the most part, my fears of being a hot mess on the field are totally grounded in reality. but i've definitely learned a lot, like the rules (who knew there were so many in a child's game), and i've got my strengths -- i'm not great at getting on base, but i'm pretty good at advancing runners. but the best part of playing this silly game are the people i've met and become friends with. they're as different as the day is long, but they all bring something awesome to the table, whether it's a knack for catching pop ups or making people laugh. unfortunately, in amongst all of plan b's awesomeness we lost in the first round of the playoffs last weekend. oh well. we enjoyed ourselves and played (& lost) with a smile on our face, and sometimes that's the most important thing.   

this week, bad news came in twos -- rcg threw out his back in a freak coughing accident. crazy, huh? we spent wednesday morning in the emergency room, but luckily it wasn't anything super serious, just a back strain. phew. 

 (ps. how cool is that x-ray?!)

i feel like i don't say this enough -- my mom is pretty cool. i know your mom is probably pretty awesome too, most moms are, but my mom is unique, because she's mine. she's funny, smart, interesting, kind of a bad ass, super organized, and crazy kind. she's gives great advice, writes a mean resume, and enjoys cosmos. she doesn't really like to dance, but she loves to read, and she's learning to clog! she speaks french, went to an awesome college (tribe pride!), and has two furry grandchildren. but most of all, she's pretty cool; she's a person you would want to hang out with and get to know. thanks for being so cool, mom. tkm.

why is your mom awesome?

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