Thursday, June 13, 2013

2013 -- week 23 -- a quick trip to mexico and another half birthday!

this week i got to check off two more things form my to do list -- crossing the mexican border by car and visiting a new mexican state, sonora. i think i'm more excited about crossing the border though, because it's my second border crossing in a month! but the best part of the trip was seeing tons of saguaro flowers. they're only supposed to bloom at night, but we were driving early enough in the morning that we still got to see them. and it was awe inspiring. these saguaro cacti are over 10 feet tall, probably over 100 years old, and the tops of each one were covered with delicate little white flowers. it was one of the coolest sights. i wish we'd had the chance to pull over and take some pictures to share with you!

you know how you're only supposed to eat oysters during the months that have an "r" in them? well, we broke the rules this weekend; we ate oysters in june. and they were awesome. because they were from a little oyster farm on the outskirts of puerto peƱasco. it took less than two minutes from when they came out of the water to be placed in front of us, shucked and ready to eat. with a fresh lime and hot sauce, they were to die for. 

we ate six dozen in less than 20 minutes. fatties.

kitt peak is about an hour and a half away from tucson, so it's not a place we drive by often. but last weekend, we drove right by it, and couldn't resist the opportunity to pull over and take a couple of pictures. obviously these photos are totally posed because it's during the day and over 100 degrees, but how cute is my boo? 

what did you do last week? anything fun?

ps. bodanzalez boda is up and running for real now. check it out!
pps. i know i promised road trip posts, and i haven't forgotten about them, i've just been so crazy busy trying to get the wedding planned that i put everything else on the back burner. road trip posts will be ready soon. and so will wedding updates!

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