Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 -- week 25 -- two disasters lead to a lesson in patience

do you ever have those days that really test your patience? of course you do; everyone does. this past weekend was our turn. and frankly, i think we handled ourselves beautifully. 

a couple of weeks ago i got a letter from a friend announcing she was pregnant and that she would be in san diego in a couple of weeks. seeing how she lives in virginia beach, and we wouldn't be back to the east coast anytime in the foreseeable future, rcg and i decided we would take a quick weekend trip to san diego to visit with her and her husband.

we made our hotel reservations and planned to meet them at the san diego zoo at 9am on saturday morning. we spent the whole morning together, looking at animals, taking pictures, making new best friends (basically every animal at the zoo is now my bestie). afterwards rcg and i headed to our hotel to check in, only the sign said no check ins for another hour, no exceptions. needless to say, i yelled, rcg yelled, and we were asked to not return. it was hilarious. (don't worry; we found another hotel.)

the next day we enjoyed a leisurely morning walk and a delicious breakfast and headed home. only to hear two large pops on a two-lane, one-way highway about 4.5 hours from tucson. luckily we have AAA -- if you don't have it, get it; it's so worth it -- so after a tow to the nearest town and a new set of tires we were on our way. and the whole time we kept our cool. i'm so proud of us.

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