Saturday, June 29, 2013

road trip -- niagara falls, new york to louisville, kentucky -- day 2

i love this picture. not this picture specifically, although it's not bad, but this type of picture. the road goes on forever and forever picture. i tried to take one in every state we drove through, but it was difficult. either because i wasn't paying attention to every straight road or because we were in the state for all of 20 minutes, pennsylvania is a good example of this.



the big adventure of day two was our run in with a raccoon. he tried to get in our car and come with us, but csv said we couldn't take him even though he clearly wanted to be my best friend. 

we spent the rest of the day driving across ohio. it was kind of intense, and long, but the views were amazing.

that's the best we could do for our "welcome to kentucky" picture. oops.

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