Thursday, June 20, 2013

the von trapp family lodge: a little of austria. a lot of vermont.

another place csv never had a chance to visit during her time at uvm was the von trapp family lodge.

you remember the von trapps, right?

from the sound of music.
(cue "the hills are alive with the sound of muuuuuusic!")

apparently after they dodged the nazis in austria (something that only happened in the hollywood version of their lives), they came to vermont. because it looked so much like austria. cool, huh?


check out those green mountains!


even after the von trapps moved to america, they continued to travel the globe as the von trapp family singers. and in their down time they ran a music camp, and eventually started a hotel, which is still open today.

some fun facts i learned about the von trapps:
1 -- there were 10 children; 7 from the baron's first marriage, and 3 from his marriage to maria. (intense.)
2 -- they continued to wear lederhosen well after it was appropriate (like at home, in the 1960s and 1970s).
3 -- the sound of music was totally a glamorized version of the von trapps' real lives. (boring.)


another important thing i learned on this trip is to not get too close to the wires surrounding a pig pen -- they're electric. 

(i may have been actively getting electrocuted while taking the picture above. oops.)



you have no idea how badly i wanted to take one of these suckers home. especially the fatty who's eating while laying in the trough; a pig after my own heart.

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