Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 -- week 26 -- a fun weekend in the sun & june day in the life

finally a weekend we aren't travelling! don't get me wrong, i love to travel; i love exploring new, and familiar, places. i love checking out a new place and seeing all of the cool things it has to offer, to see the things that others love about it, and to experience it all for my self. but i also enjoy seeing the same place over and over again, each time a little differently, noticing things you've never seen before, and appreciating the familiarity of it all. so in that vein, we decided to stay home this weekend and explore mt. lemmon once again, but this time in a whole new way. 


the first time rcg and i went to mt. lemmon we hiked up the aspen trail. it was a medium size loop and i think we hiked for three hours or so. this past weekend we went back to the aspen trail, but this trip was so different! instead of taking our time and hiking the whole trail, we stopped at the top of the trail, where a couple of different trails converge, and we went climbing instead. we went with a bunch of climbers rcg's met and become friends with at the bloc so we had a nice group of people with us. and there was a climbing instructor with us as well, so the next time we want to go climbing we know all sorts of fun routes, or problems, to climb! it was a true sunday funday -- fun climbing, fun people, and sunshine.

the rest of the day was spent lounging about, listening to the wind, the monsoon (our first of the season!), and music at armory park's porch fest, a new event in our neighborhood with food trucks and local musicians jamming out on porches. it was kind of really cool.  

what did you do on the last day of june? anything fun?

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