Monday, July 1, 2013

disco balls and red penguins: downtown louisville


like i mentioned before, csv and i barely planned out our road trip. sure, we had an idea of where we wanted to sleep each night, but we had no hotel reservations. so each night, while i drove, csv searched our aaa books and priceline to find a hotel for that night. we struck gold in louisville; finding a fancy hotel in downtown louisville for $60!

(we got the idea to search for our hotel rooms the day of from my dad, who went on his own awesome road trip two years ago. to read about his trip, check out his blog: mischief's motorcycle ride across america.)


on the morning of day three, we walked from our hotel to the louisville slugger museum, and discovered how adorable downtown louisville is. there is beautiful iron work on the sewer grates, random artwork in the streets, including red penguins on top of buildings and a gold david statue, and the buildings have beautiful architecture.

another thing we discovered on our walk was the louisville science center with an awesome outdoor exhibit on disco balls and mirrors. 


louisville fun fact: did you know that 90% of the united states' disco balls are made in louisville?
me neither. pretty cool, huh?


another fun fact about louisville: the belle of louisville is the oldest mississippi style steamboat in existence. she's 99 years old this year!

who knew louisville was so cute. 

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