Saturday, July 27, 2013

georgia in the southwest: the georgia o'keefe museum

black mesa landscape, new mexico
out back of marie's II 1930

georgia o'keefe has always been one of my favorite artists. so going to her museum in santa fe was a no brainer. unfortunately, the museum was a bit of a disappointment. at $12 a ticket, csv and i expected to see tons of her work -- her flowers, landscapes, and images of the southwest -- but were disappointed to see that this museum in particular, only focused on her southwest images and so landscapes that she'd painted of new mexico. now, don't get me wrong, everything was amazing and beautiful. i just wish there had been more of it.

normally, i'm not a fan of taking pictures of artwork in museums -- for me, art is something you should enjoy and soak up while you're standing in front of it -- but since we'd paid so much money, and i had my fancy new camera, i couldn't resist. these are just a small sampling of what was being shown in the museum; truth be told, this might make up one quarter of the collection. i hope you enjoy them as much as i did.

pedernal 1941/42                                                                           ghost ranch landscape 1936

horse's skull with white rose 1931


        church steeple 1930                                    bear lake, new mexico 1930

ram's head, blue morning glory 1938

blue-headed indian doll 1935

kokopelli 1942                             kokopelli with snow 1942

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