Sunday, July 7, 2013

road trip -- louisville, kentucky to tulsa, oklahoma -- day 3


funny story -- we were so bummed about our failed "welcome to kentucky" sign that the next morning we drove across the indiana state line, turned around and drove back into kentucky. but isn't this sign so much better than the last one? totally worth it.


we took a pit stop for lunch in new harmony, indiana, and were pleasantly surprised by how cute of a town it was/is.



i mean, who even knew towns like this existed? how awesome.



we felt it was obligatory to hit some of the route 66 stops along the drive. when the guide book said that we could see a replica of stonehenge somewhere in missouri, we decided to stop (plus we needed gas). but this was not quite what we had in mind. still, you can't blame us for trying!

another route 66 must was driving through kansas. we could have driven on the main highway and bypassed kansas altogether, but we decided to take the long route. because neither of us had been to kansas! and now we have. success. 


ps. we might have done the same turn around at the state line to get a good "welcome to kansas" sign. it's very important to have good signs. 

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