Saturday, July 20, 2013

that time i peed on the midpoint of route 66

adrian, texas is a small town less than 25 miles from the new mexican border, but it's an important piece of american history and a bit of tourist attraction because it's the midpoint of route 66. 1139 miles to chicago or 1139 miles to los angeles. 


 as we learned, adrian used to be a thriving town, back when route 66 was how people moved across the country, but as the interstates were built towns like adrian were bypassed and forgotten. but slowly, as route 66 becomes a monument to bygone days, adrian, and other towns like it, have started to get a little more traffic. which is nice to see, because when you drive through these small towns, it's evident the pride people have in living alongside the mother road.

for me though, adrian, texas will always be the place where i peed on the midpoint of route 66. 

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