Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the leaning water tower and a giant cross: groom, texas

we decided, like many other travelers along route 66, to stop in groom, texas for gas and a peek at their two tourist attractions: a leaning water tower and a giant cross.

the water tower, on the eastern edge of groom, is a gimmick; it was put there in the 1980s specifically to draw more people to groom. it was put in by a local business owner and was supposed to advertise his business, the leaning tower truck stop. it doesn't hold any water and it isn't held into place by any wires, but it does have two of it's legs dangling in mid-air a couple of feet above the ground.

groom's other claim to fame is the 190 foot cross on the southwestern part of town. you can see the cross from the highway, but it's also nice to see up close, if for no other reason than to stretch your legs. the giant cross is surrounded by smaller stations of the cross statues, a church, and a gift shop. but don't worry if you don't have the time to stop, you can see the cross from twenty miles away!

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