Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 -- week 31 -- a super wedding weekend and july day in the life

as far as wedding planning goes, this weekend was the best one so far. mainly because it involved so much cake. and lots of time with rcg.

we've only been planning our wedding for two months, but we've gotten a lot of stuff done in that time. we have a reception and ceremony site, a place for the welcome dinner, a photographer, a caterer for the reception, a florist, and, with a friend's help, i'm pretty close to finishing up the designs for the invitations and save the dates. but there are some things we've been too busy to get to, like the cake. because unlike most of the other things that needed planning, where i could go on a quick meeting and report back to rcg my thoughts and findings, this we actually wanted to do together. and you really have to make the time to go taste the cakes and get a feel for what you're buying. so we designated this weekend as our cake tasting weekend. (and i snuck in a meeting with a dj and an officiant too! i figured as long as rcg got his cake, i could persuade him to get some other meetings out of the way too.) and the weekend couldn't have gone better; we checked off three more things on our wedding to do list: dj, officiant, and bakery! hallelujah.

and our cake is going to be delicious and super cute.

each month i try and do something unique for day in the life: in january i did a play by play of my day with very few pictures, february was a day in the life of rcg, while march was a joint effort. in april i particiapted in the #fromwhereistand mememay was all about the kittenz, and june's day in the life happened on a weekend again, so we did it together. but july was a return to me. since this is the seventh month i've done day in the life, i finally feel like i'm starting to get the hang of it. i'm not taking as many frivolous pictures, i'm not being too verbose in my explanations, and i'm starting to enjoy taking more interesting pictures. and i think i really captured the day well; i documented all of the significant events without making it too boring, which the day itself kind of was. but i'm not done experimenting; expect some fun things in the future!

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