Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2013 -- week 32 -- arizona wine country

i do a lot of driving for my job. sometimes over 1000 miles a week. and every time i drive down the back country roads lined with flowers, cotton, and other plants, i tell myself that i need to pull over and take pictures. it's so beautiful, after all. but i'm always in a rush (because i'm always late) and never have the time to stop. i finally decided enough was enough, and pulled over, even though i was already late to a meeting. i figured it couldn't take longer than 5 minutes, and it's something i've been meaning to do since i started my job last summer. plus, i can't resist daisies.

i plan on pulling over again as the seasons change, and the cotton is ready to harvest; i didn't get any pictures of the cotton last year, and i really regret it. i mean, who knew cotton grew in arizona? crazy right?

in other agricultural news, did you you know that arizona has a wine country? i know, me neither. until a friend of ours invited us on a wine tour in sonoita, a small town an hour south of tucson. we couldn't go the first time she invited us, but when the opportunity came up again, we jumped at the chance. especially since this time it wasn't just wine tasting; it was wine tasting plus camping, plus bacon, plus chocolate! we drove down to az hops & vines on saturday, set up our tent, and proceeded to drink the night away. but the best part had to be rolling into our tent at the end of the night and not having to worry about driving home. and there were chocolate bacon donuts and mimosas for us the next morning!

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