Friday, August 16, 2013

grand canyon -- day 1 -- the bright angel trail

before i even knew about the road trip with csv, rcg and i had planned to go to the grand canyon for memorial day weekend. so when it worked out that i could go to csv's graduation, drive across the country with her, and still meet rcg for a fun filled weekend in the grand canyon i was pumped. 

we decided to use flagstaff as a home base the first night since both cars wouldn't be getting in until late, but the rest of the weekend we planned on camping just outside of the grand canyon national park.  unfortunately, rcg and i like to leave everything to the last minute, so when we finally called to get a campsite in one of the official campgrounds, they were, understandably, already booked. we learned, however, that you can camp off of the forest roads in addition to the official campsites. so right before we got to tusayan, the last town before you enter the park, we turned off onto forest road 302 and found an awesome place to camp. for free! 


i've been to the grand canyon before, twice. but both times were over fifteen years ago, so it's safe to say that i was child the last time i saw it. and a child's memory makes memories larger and more awesome than they really are. but this time, my memory of the grand canyon was nothing compared to the real thing. it is bigger, and more amazing than i ever could have remembered! 

it makes you feel small just standing next to it. 




csv was nice enough to take some pictures of us in a little impromptu engagement photo session. these two were my favorite. 


i was hoping to be able to use the new camera to get some awesome pictures of the stars, since normally it is crazy dark when you're camping, but the moon was too bright. we actually didn't really need to use our headlamps to cook our dinner because the moon lit up the campsite so well.

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