Wednesday, August 21, 2013

grand canyon -- day 2 -- south kaibab trail


we made two big purchases before i went on the road trip from vermont to arizona: our fancy new canon rebel sl1 and a biolite camping stove. everyone knows about digital cameras and how awesome they can be, but the biolite stove was a surprise. an amazing, why don't we cook with this at home, surprise.

here's why we love our biolite stove:
(1) it's really small. (2) you don't have to carry fuel with you when you camp or hike, all you need is kindling. (3) since you're using twigs and sticks to cook, you're helping to clean up your campsite and making less trash. (4) plus, as you cook, you can charge your electronics. (5) and it's fun! you can still have a "campfire" without actually having a campfire, which means s'mores for everyone!

what's less awesome about our biolite:
(1) you have to make sure there's kindling available -- if it's been raining, you might be out of luck. (2) you want to be careful of the twigs and sticks you try to burn; some of them can be really smoky. (3) you'll have to continue to feed the fire for as long as you need it; unlike a camp stove that uses fuel, the biolite will go out if it's not maintained. (4) it costs $130. 

all that being said, we love our biolite. it makes me want to go camping, just so i can use it.

remember when i made that gif from pictures i took of the grand canyon? if you missed it, you can see it here!


**note: biolite did not compensate me for this post in anyway. but we love their product, and recommend it whole heartedly to anyone who's in the market for a camping stove.

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