Wednesday, August 7, 2013


does your life ever go in phases? one minute you're busier than you've ever been before, and the next minute there's absolutely nothing to do? that's how my july was. because school is out for the summer, i have a bit of a reprieve at work -- i don't have to go in everyday, i'm not running teen pregnancy prevention clubs, and there isn't a whole lot to that i can do to prep for the upcoming year. so i sit at home, snuggle with the kittenz, watch bad tv, and pretend to do work. but the arizona school year isn't like new york's or virginia's. in arizona students have may and june off, and they go back to school in july. july!! that's insane. july is for playing in fire hydrants or sitting by the pool, getting ice cream from ice cream trucks, and doing your summer reading. and so is august for that matter. but not in arizona; it's too hot. so the second half of july was an intense whirlwind of contacting schools, setting up recruitment events and even beginning my first TOP club of the 2013-2014 school year. crazy. but we did find to enjoy ourselves in flagstaff and hiking in the santa catalina mountains.

i hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my everyday life for july 2013.

happiness is: happy birthday cornelius! // shoes: shoe buddies // cold: homemade popsicles
red, white, & blue: pie for breakfast on july 4th // love: cat in a box // fave smell: dinner with friends
where you are: inside out of the monsoon // path: the shark // 3 things: T4C
smooth: driving through a haboob // i wore this: fun skirt patterns // bad habit: procrastination & too many tabs
4 o'clock: blue skies in flagstaff // edible: hawaiian ice! // outside the window: monsoon!
bottles: mess beside the bed // inspirational: cool cat says "relax" // numbers: kickball game
building: bar crawl sight seeing // hot: hot plate // fave food: too many onions!
gray: storm rages outside // i drew this: doodles and notes // d is for: driving
ground: bored at work // the everyday: recruitment for TOP // black & white: matchbox 20 concert
this is new: weird, but delicious german pancake // perspective: keep working! // friendship: snuggles
workspace: prepping for a new school year

what did you do during july?

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