Tuesday, August 13, 2013

road trip -- santa fe, new mexico to flagstaff, arizona -- day 5

when we set out on our road trip from vermont to arizona, we figured we would be driving about 8 hours each day. as it happened we ended up driving much more than that, sometimes taking 10-12 hours to get from our starting point in the morning to our stopping point at night. but the reason we took so long was because we made so many stops along the way. we just figured what's the point of driving through this beautiful country if we can't stop and enjoy the pretty things it has to offer. 

well day five was no different. we planned to be on the road for five hours, but after walking around santa fe, going to the georgia o'keefe museum, stopping at the continental divide, and driving through the painted desert and petrified forest, we didn't get to flagstaff until 9 o'clock at night. but that's ok, we had a great drive. and you only live once! 


 i love this series of pictures. 

at each state line, we tried to take a picture, but for the most part, it really wasn't conducive to stop and get our picture taken with the state sign. but in arizona it was, so we jumped at the chance. literally. unfortunately, we're not really great at taking jump shots. especially since we weren't exactly sure when the camera timer was going to go off and take the picture. but we had fun! and i think the pictures turned out great.

i also love these next couple of pictures.

it seems like every place that sells awesome photos has a photograph that looks like this -- a beautiful, old, rusty truck or car, set against an unbelievably gorgeous background. and so when we drove by this junkyard on the way to the arizona welcome center at the new mexico and arizona border i begged csv to pull over so i could take a couple of pictures. and now i have a couple of those same pictures to call my own!

what is something you've always wanted to capture on film?

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