Thursday, August 22, 2013

the college

in june two of my best friends got married in williamsburg, and it was an excuse go back to my alma mater and see how the campus has changed (or not) since i graduated. but after being in existence for over 300 years (!) not much has changed.

lord botetourt still welcomes you as you walk towards the wren building.


the wren building continues to be the oldest educational building still in use in the united states.

the sunken gardens remain that perfect green that calls out for a ultimate frisbee game, a study session in the sun, or a late night streaking.

the crim dell is still half romantic and half totally disgusting.

(the romantic: it's said that if you walk across the crim dell bridge with the one you love, you'll be together forever. the totally disgusting: the crim dell lake is super gnarly; they've even found a new kind of bacteria growing in there.)


the fish and turtles still greet you and beg for food.

(feeding the fish was one of the things that kept me sane during college.)

it's still nice to walk around new campus, enjoying the flowers, on your way to swem library.

and everywhere you look, william and mary continues to have that built in the late 17th century beauty that comes from hundreds of years of students calling it home and loving it for it's charm, education, and memories.

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