Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 -- week 35 -- monsoon season is kind of crazy beautiful.

monsoon season is such a weird time of year for tucson. one minute it can be 112 degrees, the next it's raining so hard you're sure your car is going to be washed away forever, and the next it's blue skies and 75. it's crazy. but it's also fun, because you never know what you're going to get. but what i love most about monsoon season are the awesome clouds. 

there's a rumor that states tucson has 350 days of sunshine. and if you're only here from fall to spring, like the students and snow birds, you'd be inclined to believe that statement. but summer time, or monsoon season, is a whole other situation. sure it's still sunny most days, but at least once a day, tucson has the most magnificent clouds you've ever seen. the sky turns an ominous gray and there are more lightning flashes than you could possibly count; it's as if the end of days is upon us. 

now, i'm sure you're thinking, my city knows how to do rain, what makes tucson so special? and the answer can be found in the bottom right hand picture above -- it can look like death warmed over where you are, but not five feet away it won't be raining at all. in fact, there will be beautiful blue skies.i've even had conversations with people who had no idea one part of town is flooded, 2 miles away, because they haven't seen rain in days. it's the coolest thing i've ever seen. and not something i've seen anywhere else. 

so if you get a chance to visit during monsoon season, i highly recommend it. like i said, it can be stifling hot in the summer, so it's not for the faint of heart, but if you're lucky enough to get caught in a storm, it will be cool and beautiful in no time, and totally worth it.

and on a completely different note -- my mom a rockstar. i mean, only a badass would put a "my grandchild is a cat" magnet on her car. amiright?

what's something cool and unique that your city, or your city's weather, does?

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