Thursday, September 19, 2013

2013 -- week 36 -- we love headlamps and local music!

rcg bought me a headlamp last year for my birthday and you can't imagine how much use i get out of it. it's amazing. it's super dark in tucson (because kitt peak is close by), so we wear our headlamps all the time; we wear them when camping or biking or just going out for the night. they're super handy. so i couldn't resist getting one for tlw's birthday. he's one of those people who's impossible to shop for and i love my headlamp so much i couldn't imagine him not using it. especially since my parents just bought a house on a lake in williamsburg. i figured there would be a ton of excuses for him to need a light while walking around at night or working on the house. 

seriously, if you don't have a headlamp, buy one. you may look a little silly wearing one, but i promise you will use it all the time. i promise.

it's all rcg's fault: i've been to more concerts in the past two years than i've been to in the twenty-six years prior. and i love it. some of the concerts are big name people (matchbox twenty, pearl jam, & willie nelson), some were people i'd never heard of before (yonder mountain string band, cafe tacuba, robert earl keen jr.widespread panic), and some were new to both of us (silver thread trio, brown bird, & chicha dust). it's these new bands that we really love. we love them because we discovered them together, they're local (except for brown bird), and they're amazing.

all of this is to say check out your local bands -- they may be the next best thing or a new favorite. plus, you'll get the opportunity to support your local talent/economy and show off your hometown or adopted town pride. added benefit: it's a fun, cheap thing to do any night of the week.

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