Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2013 -- week in the life -- bear down saturday

do you volunteer? i kind of do, but i wish i did it more because it's so rewarding and fun. in fact sometimes it's fun disguised as volunteering, like last year when i hung out at the ben's bells studio and helped to paint kindness coins. but often volunteering can be seen as a hassle; we're already too busy trying to fit everything in that adding one more thing is often too much. so it's nice that community service is built into my job: i help the students in my teen outreach programs complete their community service learning projects. the students are supposed to do all of the planning and research, i'm just there to help out. but i still get to be part of the party, and that's pretty rad. especially when they decide to do cool projects.

rcg's mom owns a beauty salon, so i've been at the receiving end of some pretty awesome shampoo lately. in fact, this is only a small sampling of the aveda products we have in our bathroom. i think we currently have 4 different shampoos and their matching conditioners and a mask treatment or two. it's kind of insane, but also crazy amazing because my hair has never been so silky smooth in my whole life. (also, please don't judge me by how dirty my shower looks. it's a really old shower; it's bound to look a little gnarly after 50 years.)

i spent most of the day driving. (i know, i know. i sound like a broken record.) but this time it was different; this time i was driving a 16 passenger van filled with 12-14 year olds. luckily this was my view, so despite the noise behind me, it was actually quite a nice day for driving.

i spent most of the morning hanging out with a bunch of middle schoolers at the valley humane society in casa grande. it was hot and the puppies were muddy, but we had a great time bathing and walking dogs and relaxing with the kittenz.

see more pictures from our trip here.

my university never had a great football team and it wasn't a particularly big school, so i've never really experienced a proper tailgate. sure, we did some light grilling on game days, but it was just a group of us in the courtyard of our residence hall. nothing too fancy. and certainly nothing like the tailgates at the university of arizona. a friend was nice enough to invite us to the jim click run n' roll tailgate, and it was pretty amazing -- there was tons of beer, soda, and water, and a fully catered meal from outback, complete with steak and caesar salad!

we were lucky enough to get free tickets to the game too!
university of arizona 38, university of texas san antonio 13


after the game we did a tiny bar crawl, the highlight being harry potter shots at auld dubliner. because nothing goes better with drinking than fire. nothing.

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