Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 -- week in the life -- food swap friday

i've taken up swimming again. i did it back when i was in college and it was a great way for me to stay in shape without actually feeling like i was working out. then i didn't swim again until this past january, a five and a half year hiatus. oops. when i started back up again, i had high hopes that i'd swim a couple times a week, but putting on a bathing suit and actually going to the pool was too much for my lazy/busy self to accomplish. but a couple of weeks ago i was talking to a new friend who was also trying to motivate himself to swim more and we came up with a pact: each week we would swim (at least) 30 laps. after a week of uncertainty (there was a misunderstanding about pool lengths vs. laps) we've been on track ever since. the best part -- i got a rockin' new bathing suit that is swimming specific, so now i even look the part. plus, it's really nice to know that someone else is doing the exercise with you; having that extra bit of accountability is what i really needed to get me back in the pool. 

rcg is a morning person. i'm not. so there are many mornings where he's up hours before me. please don't take that to mean i'm lazy and i sleep until 2 in the afternoon, it's more like he is up at 4am and i get up at a reasonable 7 or 8am. 

the kittenz seem to have an affinity for laying on my things: my clothes, my pillow, the book i'm reading, my computer keyboard, my hands while i'm trying to type, my face, back, or chest, papers or notebooks that i'm using. you get the idea. it's a disaster and i love it. this is not an atypical scene: me trying to work, mildred (or cornelius) stretching out over the entirety of my desk, just being cute and in the way.

i've been struggling with my reading challenge recently; i was stuck at 45 books or so for a while. but i finally decided to do something about it, and now i have 6 books on hold at the library! this is the awesome sculpture in front of the main library in downtown tucson. 

i was a little nervous to swim today because we'd done so much biking the day before, but i felt surprisingly good.  

i'm not a fan of doing the laundry. but luckily for me, rcg likes to do the laundry. unfortunately, every once and a while i have to pull it together and help out. today was an easy day though, all i washed were the sheets and towels. 

every couple of months we get together with some pretty cool people and swap homemade goodies. i made birthday cake ice cream and salsa DF (recipe coming soon!). surprisingly, the ice cream wasn't as big a hit as we thought it'd be, but everyone loved the salsa! in return we received some awesome things: lemon marmalade, pickles, chicken curry, strawberry jam, raspberry peach jelly, oatmeal bread, and worm castings for the garden. it was quite an awesome haul.  

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