Friday, September 13, 2013

2013 -- week in the life -- kickball thursday

at least once a week i make ice cream. sometimes i make it more than once a week. (we eat a lot of ice cream.) most of the time i make chocolate because it's rcg's favorite. but recently i've been making a lot of birthday cake ice cream -- basically vanilla ice cream with funfetti cake mix. in other words, the simplest thing to make in the history of the world. plus, it's really delicious. this week was a little abnormal though, this week i made two double batches of ice cream because we're participating in a food swap. (look forward to those pictures tomorrow!)

birthday cake ice cream:
2 c. cream + 3/4 c. sugar + 2/3 c. funfetti cake mix + 1 tsp vanilla extract + 1 c. milk + sprinkles
mix it all together -- make sure the sugar is mixed in thoroughly and the cake mix isn't lumpy.
put in the ice cream maker.

working from home looks a lot like this: lucky charms for breakfast, lunch, and mid-afternoon snack. 

i had to run a few errands today so i decided to take ruth, my bike, instead of carl -- it's too gorgeous outside to not ride your bike. plus, parking downtown and on campus is a pain; it's much easier to lock up a bike than deal with a car. (ruth is the cute one in the center; she's teal and has a basket.)

i'm like a chipmunk -- i eat tiny snacks all day long. today's snack of choice was a mini ice cream sandwich, one of my favorites. i paired this with celery and hummus; delicious and nutritious.


today was the first day of kickball pre-season and instead of driving we decided to try biking. it's only 3.5 miles from our house to the park; in biking lingo that isn't far, so we gave it a shot. we allotted ourselves plenty of time, but it only took us 20-25 minutes, just like google said it would. i was pretty proud of us.  

i love this photo. only part of our kickball team, nuclear ballocaust, came out for the pre-season pick up game, but we had a great time. we were probably laughing at this clip when this photo was taken.

a couple of weeks ago, some friends from the kickball team gave us a beautiful butternut squash. i made it into a soup and froze it for consumption on a later date. today was that date. (you can find the recipe i used here.) also, this handy frame helps to keep us organized. it's only a 5x7, but we pack it with information we need to remember: upcoming events, food for the week, and a grocery list. it's really handy and really easy to make -- buy an inexpensive frame with a glass pane, put a pretty piece of pretty paper in the frame, hang it up where it's easily seen, and hang a dry erase marker nearby. it's that simple.

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