Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 -- week in the life -- naked sunday


there's a change coming, a change in the way we view and love our bodies. and the militant baker, a tucson blogger, is at the forefront of that movement. she made waves a couple of months back for her scathing letter to the head of abercrombie and fitch in response to his comments that a&f is only for the cool kids. she even did a rad "attractive & fat" photography campaign styled after a&f's ads. she got a lot of press for the letter and the photos, and rightly so. she's fighting against the idea that skinny is the only sexy, an uphill battle for sure. but she's a spitfire, full of energy and resolve, and it'll be hard to keep her down and unheard. she's revolutionary and people are digging it.

this past sunday i had the opportunity to participate in some serious communal body love -- i hung out with over 60 beautiful women at a naked photo shoot for jes', aka. the militant baker's, book proposal about body love and loving the body we're in. each woman had on a pair of white undies, and nothing else. and it was amazing. i've never felt more empowered in my whole life. everyone in that room was accepting of one another, supportive, encouraging, and vulnerable. everyone in that room agreed that no matter what their body looked like, it was beautiful and it deserved praise and love.

i could go on and on about how amazing this experience was, but i think i'll let jes tell the rest of the story,  she tells it so well.

please take the time to read this; everyone has something they're insecure about and it's not a new idea she's preaching, to accept and love your body, but the militant baker is taking the world by storm with this message and i'm so glad i was able to be a small part of her battle. come join the revolution with us and as she would say, "change your world, not your body".

it was a typical sunday; the morning was spent running errands and grocery shopping.

where do you grocery shop? it seems like every week i end up going to go at least two different stores to get all of the different ingredients that i need. sometimes i go to as many as four stores. it's kind of insane. but each store has the different things that they specialize in and so i feel the need to hit up a couple of different ones in order to get the best deals as well as get the food that i want/need for the week. it's definitely frustrating, but since we've started doing the grocery store hop we've really saved a lot of money.

i spent most of the afternoon napping, which is why i have so few pictures of the day, but afterwards, i took a quick trip to the library to pick up another book that i had on hold.

this photo shoot really was one of the coolest things i've ever had the opportunity to participate in. if you want to read more about the body love movement that the militant baker has started in tucson you should definitely check out two of her awesome projects: the body images and the body love conference scheduled for april 2014. 

ps. i didn't take this picture but i think it's an amazing one and wanted to share it with you.

rcg was hard at work most of the day, so after i returned from the photo shoot, i made a quick dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and i kept him company on the couch. 

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