Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 -- week in the life -- rainy monday

every month i participate in ali edwards' day in the life, a monthly project that has you capturing everyday moments once a month. the idea being that you shouldn't just document the special or unique moments, but all of the moments, ordinary and extraordinary. sometimes this can be a difficult feat. we want pictures of birthday parties and date nights, not of dirty dishes and folding the laundry, but all of these small moments are just as important as the big ones. day in the life aims to show you what your everyday life looks like, the warts and tiaras alike. 

week in the life is in the same vein, but instead of documenting one day, you capture a whole weeks worth of moments and thoughts. ali edwards says the reason she completes an annual week in the life project is so that she can answer the following questions: what do i really do in my daily life? what am i doing with my life? and how am i spending these precious hours here on earth? (read more about that here.) all good questions that i'm sure many of us have had at some point.

i know that i've had similar thoughts before, so i decided to try week in the life on for size. especially because sometimes i feel like my life has become monotonous, and i wonder what it is that i do everyday? are my days the same from one to the next? i know that they must be different, my to do list and calendar can prove that they are, but when you are living it, the days all seem to smush together. this is a way to show each day as a separate entity; a way to reflect, document, and share my everyday moments. 

every night our apartment complex turns on these palm trees -- and every night i think it's just the prettiest thing. but normally by the time i get up in the morning, the lights have been turned off. mondays are my early days though, so the palm trees were still lit up when i left my house. 30 seconds after i took this picture, they were turned off. 

normally i'm not in my own photos, after all, i'm the one taking them. but this week i decided to take my fancy camera with me, that way i can take better pictures and can take advantage of the self-timer. 

it rarely rains in arizona, and when it does it's normally a monsoon. ie. huge downpours for 30 minutes and then blue skies until the next deluge of rain. but this monday morning was rainy. east coast rainy: a light drizzle all day long. it was a nice change of pace, even if it did ruin my hair.

this abandoned building is located right next to one of the schools i work at, and even though i would be late for a meeting, i decided to pull over and snap a quick picture. it's one of those things that you pass by everyday without actually ever looking at it, and today i finally saw it and had to capture its beauty.

arizona is famous for their washes, aka. mini rivers that cross real roads. inevitably you'll have to drive through one during monsoon season. on this particular day, there were a lot of washes, and they were pretty deep. i successfully drove through them all, but afterwards my car was making some funny sounds.


once a month i have tons of meetings, and my to do list after these meetings is pretty brutal. but i keep myself busy with doodles and try not to take it all too seriously.

while i drive, i try to keep myself awake with candy and audiobooks. right now i'm listening to dark places by gillian flynn, but when i can't find a good book i listen to a lot of podcasts (nerdist, stuff you missed in history class, and ted talks).


after a rain storm you can always count on arizona to show off some amazing cloud formations.

i buy a lot of gas. all i can say is, thank goodness for good gas mileage.

sometimes the best views are behind you -- next time you're looking at an amazing sunset, turn around, you may be very surprised by the beauty that's back there as well.

cornelius is a great helper; he just sits quietly on the counter watching my every move, making sure there isn't anything he wants to nibble on.

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