Thursday, September 12, 2013

2013 -- week in the life -- work wednesday

sometimes we get so bogged down in the things we have to do, that we forget about the things we want to do. those things get pushed to the back burner until it's too late, and we either never have a chance to do them again, or we have to wait another day, week, month, year, etc. so instead of doing that, i decided early on in the day that although i had to go into work and facilitate two clubs, i was going to make the time to go on a couple of little side field trips that i've been meaning to take.

every morning i drive down this alley on my way to work. it's nothing special to look at, but going this way allows me to skip 2 lights.

field trip #1: as i was driving to work, i received a call from the school i was heading towards telling me that TOP was pushed back by 30 minutes, so i had a little extra time on my drive into work. i decided to use that time to take pictures of the cotton dotted fields i pass.

  every time i come to this school, i'm struck by the fact that the casa grande ruins are in their backyard. and every time i want to get a picture of them, but my iphone just doesn't do it justice. unfortunately, you can't see the ruins from this classroom, and i didn't want to wander around the school with my camera. it would've been a bit creepy, even for me. 

field trip #2: i noticed this abandoned complex a month or two ago and ever since i've been intrigued to check it out. who used to live there? what happened to them? it doesn't look like it had burned down, the structures were still in place, but clearly no one had lived there in a long time. i enjoyed a couple of minutes of solitude walking around taking pictures, spooking pigeons, and crunching over glass fragments, all the while marveling at how quickly the earth reclaims and destroys things that aren't maintained. 

living in arizona has really sold me on the idea of solar panels as a source of energy. in fact, i'm slowly coming to the belief that if a building doesn't have solar panels on it's roof, at least in arizona, it's incredibly irresponsible. so it's especially nice to see solar panels covering parking lots of churches and schools.

when i got home from work, i thought i'd be able to relax a little  before i had to wash dishes and cook dinner. the kittenz had another plan -- someone had puked in the bed and the sheets needed to be changed. they're "helping".


when we visited rcg's family in dallas a couple of weekends ago, his mother cooked up a feast of salmon taquitos, frijoles rancheros, salsa df, and fajita meat. it was far and away some of the best home cooked food i've ever had. we tried to recreate some of the dishes for dinner tonight, and i think we did a pretty good job. we also made two mini chocolate peanut butter lava cakes. delicious!

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