Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2013 -- week in the life -- zoo tuesday

i normally drive into work on tuesdays, but today, as i started my car and was preparing to drive the hour and change to casa grande, i realized that my car, carl, wasn't happy. the little clunking noise i'd noticed the night before hadn't gone away like i'd hoped it would. instead, he needed a doctor's visit. i made my phone calls to work, canceling the events i had scheduled and headed off to the dealership, where i was surprised and delighted to find out that he wasn't too sick and could be fixed with a couple of pieces bent back into place. as i headed home i wondered how i would spend the rest of my day; since my work events had been canceled i had a little free time. then i saw the sign for the zoo. 

i hate doing the dishes. hate. so our sink often looks like this, or worse. it's a devastating reality, but one day we'll have a dish washer and this nightmare will be behind us.


people with children have a million pictures of their kids; i have a million pictures of my kittenz. normally they're creating havoc and i take pictures of the disaster they've created to show rcg later, a "look what your child did now" photo. this time it was more of a "look how cute and innocent they are; how could we ever think of them as demon children?" picture. 

every tuesday is "clean the kitty litter box" day. gross. 


carl was making sad sounds after driving through the washes yesterday, so i took him for a quick check up. turns out one of the washes must have had a rock floating in it and bent a couple of things out of shape as i drove over it. luckily it was an easy fix, this time.

on my way home from the honda dealership i couldn't resist stopping at the reid park zoo. i had my fancy camera and a couple of hours to kill; it was the perfect way to spend some time in the sun. i was amazed at how awesome tucson's tiny zoo is. there were tons of animals, way more than i expected and the largest elephant enclosure i've ever seen. definitely worth the visit.

(there will be a zoo post to follow in the next week or so with lots of awesome animal pictures!)

i got home around 2pm and spent the rest of the afternoon working.

before dinner, rcg and i took a quick trip to a local brewery to say goodbye to a friend who's travelling to india and nepal for the next 3 weeks. jealous!

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