Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#august2013 -- i made it into the fab four!

each day, fatmumslim picks four of her favorite photos for that day's prompt on instagram and facebook. and of course, i've always wanted to be chosen -- but i haven't, and i've been ok with that. after all i don't take my pictures for other people, i take them for myself; i take them so that i can look back and remember something that was significant about each day. but this past august i was finally chosen for a really cool photo that represents an awesome day in rcg and i's life -- it was the day we did our wedding cake tastings! and it feels awesome to have been chosen out of the thousands of photos that are posted each day. thanks fatmumslim and carly grace lloyd!

something beginning with N: homemade chicken nuggets! // incomplete: i got a new phone! // skyline: i made the fab four!
fresh: wedding cake tastings // early: an early morning TOP club // this means a lot to me: a gonzalez family reunion in tucson
a sign: it's hot out! // peek-a-boo: mildred in her diver pose // 2 o'clock: buying concert tickets at rialto theatre
beverage: az hops & wines camping adventure // i love doing this! kickball cookout // macro: successful rosemary potatoes
fast: carl is decorated with bugs // trash: my attempt to take a classy picture of a trashcan // the best: lucky charms!
cooking: trail mix disaster = cutting off the tip of my thumb // exercise: 12 mile hike in the santa catalina mountains // someone you spoke to: rcg! 
lost: when you can't find cornelius, just look up // stairs: the shark // slow: school zone
a room: trying to find a new dress // yellow: popcorn for breakfast // in the background: and #themexiwedding rages on in the foreground
culture: this day was filled with delicious mexican food, and this is the sorry photo i took // entrance: a door knob // 10 minutes from home: it's a long drive 
corridor: outdoor schools make for cool hallways // lucky: a night out with friends // cluttered: mildred is helping me clean up 
dangerous: the beverages for a six course wine dinner with my dad

how was your august?

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