Wednesday, September 4, 2013

traveling the usa

i really like to travel. and while i would love to spend my life exploring far off, exotic places, sometimes that isn't always feasible. instead, i choose to indulge my need to travel by exploring places that are closer and more manageable, namely, the united states. in fact, i'll take any excuse to hop on plane or in a car to check out a new place. as it happens, in this year alone i've traveled to five new states, and i'm not yet done traveling for the year (hopefully).

part of what i like best about traveling is being able to share your experiences afterwards. whether it's a conversation with a stranger in a new place, reminiscing with friends about a shared memory, or getting/giving advice with an acquaintance, part of the fun of traveling is being able to talk about it and bond over it. for me, part of that sharing happens right here on i scream for sunshine. so i figured it was about time for me to organize my blog posts. previously, i had a long list of places i've visited, hyperlinked for ease, but it seemed so drab. so i'm modifying the way i do things -- i'm trying to make them prettier and more interesting.

it's taken me a while to get it going, organizing is never an easy task, but i have started, and that's a step in the right direction at least. i decided to start with the united states, but i'm curious as to what you think of the new set up. so please, if you have a chance, i'd love for you to check out the new travel page and let me know what you think. again, it's a work in progress, and i still have a couple of other country pages to complete yet, but any comments you have are appreciated.

you can find the united states page here.

(and in the future i will have a link for all of the travel pages somewhere in the toolbar, i was just too excited about the work i've already done to not share it right away!)

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