Wednesday, September 18, 2013

wedding dress shopping & august day in the life

i don't go home to virginia very often; it's pretty tough to travel to the east coast from tucson. but i need a wedding dress and i couldn't imagine looking for one without my mom. so i flew back to dc for labor day weekend with the express purpose of finding a wedding dress.

before i even got to dc though, i made sure to do my research and necessary prep work for a successful dress shopping trip. i scoured the internet for wedding dresses that weren't poofy, lacy, or ornate in any way -- not the easiest thing to find. but i went off of some friends' recommendations (ie. jcrew) and finally found some that i liked. after i found acceptable dresses, i found out where they were sold in dc and called to make reservations. most of the places we wanted to check out were in georgetown so it was fairly easy to coordinate the times. and finally i made sure we had a good place near by to eat lunch.

when the weekend finally came, and we were headed off to try on dresses i made sure to bring my list of designers and dress names that interested me so everything would go a little smoother. i also brought a snack, just in case i got frustrated and waylaid by the "hanger" (hunger-anger). oh, and i brought "sensible" underwear, so the woman helping me get in and out of the dresses wouldn't have to look at my tush. (although she saw my boobs plenty, so i don't know why a butt would offend her.)

our first stop was jcrew, and i was sure that my dress would be there. all of their dresses are pretty simple, reasonably priced, and beautiful. there were definitely some good options, but not quite what we were looking for. we went from there to lunch around the corner at cafe milano. and then again onto lovely bride, another dress shop a half mile away. which is where we found the dress. well, we thought we did; i still had two more dresses at home to try on that i'd ordered online and held a lot of promise as well. after the second store though, we felt like we'd seen enough dresses and decided to skip the third appointment i'd made in favor of heading home, trying on the ordered dresses, and playing in th's jewelry box.

it turns out we were right about the dress at lovely bride; it was the dress. i guess we should have figured that out when it made my mom tear up a little, but i was still hoping for something a little less expensive to show up and wow me. it didn't. now it's just a matter of finding the money to pay for it! and finding the right accessories and jewelry to compliment it.

if i'm being honest, the dress shopping wasn't the nightmare i thought it'd be. the women who were helping me were pleasant and not pushy in the slightest. in addition, since i went to shops that i knew would have dresses that i liked, ie. not poofy princess prom dresses, the actual act of trying on the dresses wasn't too bad either. a little champagne wouldn't have hurt the situation, but also wasn't imperative to my surviving the day and making it a success.

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