Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2013 -- week 38 -- sex ed!

i know i complain about how much i have to drive, but have i ever mentioned how cool my job is? each week i meet with four or five different groups of kids and talk about their sexual health. these conversations can be about relationships, values, self-esteem, sexuality, and sex ed, among other things. and it's so much fun! we talk about them, their experiences, their knowledge, and their lives. together we learn about healthy relationships and healthy life practices. but my favorite part is when we talk about sex. have you ever had a conversation with a middle or high school student about sex? the conversations are awkward and uncomfortable, but they're so interesting, mainly because the kids don't know anything. most of them are desperate to talk to someone about sex and the changes their bodies are going through, but they don't feel comfortable talking to their parents or teachers about it. and often their parents and teachers aren't comfortable talking about it either. these conversations are totally awkward and uncomfortable, so i get it, but they're vitally important to have. and i'm glad that i can be that person that they ask and can get straight, honest answers and medically accurate information from.

another reason i love my job: i get to play with fun toys, like the condom educator kit in the picture above.

there are tons of amazing places to go bouldering in tucson, and we explored a new place this weekend: silverbell boulders. if you're interested in finding other places to climb check out tyler mcmillen's tucson bouldering guide

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