Friday, October 4, 2013

reid park zoo

a couple of weeks ago i had the opportunity to visit tucson's zoo and i was amazed at what i found. it's not a huge zoo, nor does it cost a lot ($8 june-november, $9 december-may), but it's full of awesome animals! i saw super funky birds (like the king vulture above; isn't he adorable?), tigers, lions, giraffes, elephants, mice, a rhino, and a plethora of peacocks. it wasn't crowded, except with strollers, the benefit/drawback of going during the day in the middle of the week, but it still took me approximately two hours to see everything. and that was me taking my time and really enjoying the animals, you could probably do the whole thing much faster if you so desired. 


we recently visited the san diego zoo, arguably one of the best zoos in the world, and i loved every minute of it. but there was something charming about the reid park zoo -- it's small, sure, but it's every bit top notch as it's counterpart in san diego. in fact, the reid park zoo has a lot of the bigger animals and in larger quantities: 4 giraffes, 5 elephants, 2 lions (one male, one female), 2 tigers (one male, one female), 2 jaguars (sisters), a rhino, 4 zebras, and a bunch of llamas. their living areas aren't super tiny either, which i really appreciate. 


since i had the time to really meander and enjoy the animals i was able to witness some pretty amazing things; it seemed like the animals in every cage i approached needed to perform for me. the lioness woke up and stared at me once everyone else walked away from her enclosure. three elephants lined up and played in the dirt in front of me. the male tiger stalked his cage, rolled around in the yard, played with a large plastic tube, and peed on the window. and the rhino came over and was approximately three feet away from me, practically daring me to reach out and rub his horn. it was amazing. one of my best zoo experiences yet. 


if i could've taken home this rhino i would've. he/she (who can tell) was so cute and really looked like he/she could use a friend.



these tigers were some of the cutest things i've ever seen. they were in their own enclosures but couldn't get enough of each other. while i watched, they continued to rub against one another through the fence. it was really amazing. or they were just really horny. either way, it was adorable. 

1030 s. randolph way
tucson, arizona

december to may
$9 adults, $7 seniors, 
$5 for kids 2-14
june to november
$8 adults, $6 seniors, 
$4 for kids 2-14
all year
kids 2 and under, free

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