Tuesday, October 8, 2013


when i started this photo a day challenge i was really good; i woke up every morning, found out what the prompt was and spent the whole day focusing on it until i had the perfect picture. not any more. i still wake up and figure out what the prompt is but i don't obsess over the perfect picture. sometimes we'll be sitting down to dinner and i'll realize that i haven't taken any pictures and will scramble to find something that fits. there are even some occasions where i have to cheat -- i'll take a picture the following day, but i make sure it's a photo i could have taken the day before. so even though the photograph was snapped a day late, it still reflects the things i did or saw on the day it was supposed to have been taken. it's a shame really, because i love doing the photo a day challenge. but this month will be different, i can just feel it. 

 together: family boozy brunch // my name begins with... v: don't tread on me // lines: working from home
alone: driving through the desert // here forever: music (cafe tacuba) // getting ready: downton abbey date
white: swimming bag // made by me: lime cilantro sorbet! // on the wall: school clock
 sweet: tiger love // what you did today: drive! // shadow: pre-season kickball
 unexpected: swimming a mile & feeling good // liquid: harry potter shots! // season: sunshine and shorts
frame: homemade dry erase board // in front of me: cracked windshield // vintage: my childhood keyboard
what is this? a water fountain for cats // morning: reading the news // rule of thirds: crazy hair!
made me smile: homemade indian food // from my childhood: making bracelets // space: she's in my pillow space
h is for... hot cheese fondue // curve: the drive to csv's house // wtf? isn't soy sauce already gluten free?
10 o'clock: bored & laying on the floor // gold: possible wedding jewelry // found: a dollar!

what did your september look like?

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