Monday, November 18, 2013

meandering through seattle

seattle is such a walkable city! between the bus system, light rail, bike paths, and trains you barely need a car. if you add in the fact that seattle is a deceptively small city, you may not even need the public transportation system either. in the two days we were there, we probably walked close to seven miles. and it was an absolute pleasure. 

the fremont troll was built in 1989, a product of a national competition, and sits at the top of a hill underneath the aurora bridge. fremont is a small, quirky neighborhood north of downtown, and the troll is a must see if you're in the area. 



this 16 foot bronze statue of lenin as a revolutionary was originally installed in poprad, czechoslovakia (now slovakia) in 1988 during the cold war, but after the velvet revolution it was removed, and a washington state resident found it in a scrapyard and had it relocated to seattle in 1993. the statue was very controversial when first installed in the united states, and was only supposed to be displayed for a short time, but since then it has been appropriated into the cultural and artistic scene of fremont.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

chihuly is a glass god

the space needle is a staple of the seattle skyline, but the real gem is the chihuly garden and glass at its base. the chihuly garden and glass is a whole museum dedicated to washington native dale chihuly's blown glass artwork and sculpture. and it's worth every penny to see. 


the chihuly exhibit was, by far, the highlight of our trip to seattle. the bright, vibrant colors and unique shapes of his artwork are awe inspiring and beautiful. in fact, it's even inspired me to look into taking a glass blowing class!




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a joint ticket for the chihuly garden and glass and the space needle is $33, while a ticket for just the chihuly exhibit is $19. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

the space needle

rcg and i aren't the super touristy types, we'd much rather eat our way around a city than stand in line to see the sights, so it was kind of surprising that both of us wanted to go up the space needle while we were in seattle. unfortunately, it was really foggy, so we knew the view wouldn't be amazing, but we didn't let that deter us. instead we took our time at the chihuly garden and glass, hoping the fog would clear in the meantime, and headed up after lunch. the sun didn't come out and the view was pretty miserable, but i can only imagine how beautiful the view of seattle is when it's clear out. 



a joint ticket for the space needle and the chihuly garden and glass is $33, while a ticket for just the space needle is $19. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

2013 -- week 44 -- halloween & october day in the life

i'm kind of a grinch when it comes to major holidays. i don't like dressing up for halloween, i can't handle christmas carols, especially not before november 30th, and the mushy gushiness of valentine's day is just too much. but this year i decided to come out of my grinch closet and join the land of adults dressed up in silly costumes. and it was actually a lot of fun. it helped that rcg and i made our own costumes, rather than buying a ridiculous polyester monstrosity. plus, it's impossible to not have fun when you're dressed up as a teenage mutant ninja turtle, especially when everyone else you're with is also dressed up in something equally ludicrous. 

how to make an adult teenage mutant turtle costume from scratch:
- put on a green shirt and pants (we bought hanes sweatshirts and sweatpants from walmart)
- drill 4 holes in a trashcan lid, loop rope through each of the holes so that the rope crosses over your chest
- get colored cloth of your favorite turtle (we bought scraps of fabric from the leftover bin at walmart)
- cut a mask out of the cloth using your glasses or sunglasses to help you figure out where the eye holes should be
- cut four strips of cloth, one for each elbow and each knee, and an extra long strip as a belt
- depending on the color of your cloth, get the corresponding weapons (see below)

michelangelo: orange -- make nunchakus out of two water bottles roped together
donatello: purple -- use a broom handle as your bo staff
leonardo: blue -- two toy swords should work as your katanas
raphael: red -- use two large serving forks as your said

what did you dress up as this halloween?

Friday, November 8, 2013

pike's place market, seattle


pike's place market is a seattle must. not only does it have amazing views of the puget sound, but it's also filled with delicious food, amazing crafts, and eclectic collectibles. plus, it's right across the street from the original starbucks coffee shop. 

we wanted to be right downtown so as to make sightseeing easier and we were lucky enough to find a nice and fairly inexpensive hotel four blocks from pike's place market (moore hotel, $100/night). despite the cloudy weather, we started our morning at the crumpet shop, a cute little breakfast spot across the street from the original starbucks on 1st avenue. then we walked down the hill to the market to take in all of the sights, sounds, and smells. as you enter pike's place you are immediately struck by the fish mongers throwing fish and the florists arranging beautiful (and cheap!) bouquets. 



pike's place market is a long building filled with restaurants, meat, fish, and produce stalls, florists, craftsmen, and shops. it's built on a hill, so while it looks like it's just one floor, in reality there are at least three floors of shops and stores to explore, including a magic shop, a comic book store, a vintage shop, and an apothecary.

what makes the market so unique, though, are the neon signs that line the main drag of food stalls. they're the iconic retro cool of bygone days.







if you have the time, you should stop for a minute and enjoy the view of the puget sound and you should definitely eat your way through the main market and the annex across the street. there are fresh oysters and crab, slices of apple and fresh produce, yogurt, cheese, and chocolate samples, mini cheesecake pops and cinnamon rolls, him bows and chinese food, pickles and ice cream. it can be quite the feast.

and of course, don't forget bubble gum alley! i'm not sure why people have covered the walls with their gum, but it's not to be missed.