Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2013 -- week 42 -- engagement photos and a cocktail tasting!

we had two fun wedding events this week -- our engagement photos and a cocktail tasting. one went smashingly well, while the other was a minor disaster. can you guess which was awesome and which was not? i bet it's not the one you think.

i'm not sure what we expected when our caterer contacted us to do a tasting, but i don't think we expected the eight full drinks we were presented with. luckily, the drinks were amazing. i'm a big fan of vodka and tequila, while rcg is a bourbon fan, so she made us four drinks with bourbon, three with vodka, and one with tequila. each drink was totally different from the next, but they were all equally delicious. (i even liked the bourbon drinks!) we got half through the tasting before realizing that we should eat something. lucky for us, the drinks were made with superb ingredients and we woke up the next morning feeling refreshed, ready to take on the world, and one step closer to having this whole wedding thing figured out. all in all, the night couldn't have gone better.

sunday's engagement photo session, however, could have gone much better. it's a long story -- i freaked out about what we should wear, went shopping, got home with some new duds, freaked out again, and ended up wearing something that we already owned -- but the short of it was we were totally unprepared. and late. but our photographer, chris richards, was super cool about it. we took some pictures in the fall colors on mt. lemmon and watched the sunset at windy point, but most likely we'll have to do another shoot. we definitely learned our lesson though, and we'll be much better prepared next time.

ps. we just bought the most amazing print by wes jerniganthe tucson dancers. what do you think?

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