Monday, November 18, 2013

meandering through seattle

seattle is such a walkable city! between the bus system, light rail, bike paths, and trains you barely need a car. if you add in the fact that seattle is a deceptively small city, you may not even need the public transportation system either. in the two days we were there, we probably walked close to seven miles. and it was an absolute pleasure. 

the fremont troll was built in 1989, a product of a national competition, and sits at the top of a hill underneath the aurora bridge. fremont is a small, quirky neighborhood north of downtown, and the troll is a must see if you're in the area. 



this 16 foot bronze statue of lenin as a revolutionary was originally installed in poprad, czechoslovakia (now slovakia) in 1988 during the cold war, but after the velvet revolution it was removed, and a washington state resident found it in a scrapyard and had it relocated to seattle in 1993. the statue was very controversial when first installed in the united states, and was only supposed to be displayed for a short time, but since then it has been appropriated into the cultural and artistic scene of fremont.


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