Friday, December 6, 2013

2013 -- week 45 -- our save the dates are in the mail!

omg; i'm so behind with these project life posts! sorry! but i've been crazy busy recently (i've been substitute teaching two or three times a week, in addition to my regular job) and i wanted to wait to write this particular post until everyone had received their save the dates. but now that a month has passed since we put them in the mail (!!) i think it's safe to share them with you. and i couldn't be happier! because we LOVE them. 


i love love love looking at all of the wedding invitations and save the date options that exist, but i knew i'd never be able to decide on anything, so early on we decided we'd make our own. once we came up with the idea for the wedding invitation itself, the rest of the stationary just seemed to fall into place. i designed the invites and the thank you notes myself pretty early on, but i needed a little help with the save the dates, so we asked our friend harrison to help us out. and he did the most amazing job!! the idea was ours, but the artwork is all him; he really did a spectacular job of making them look like us, don't you think? 

(you may remember harrison from my posts about our most recent tattoos -- he's our tattoo artist here in tucson. you can see examples of his work (on our bodies) here, here, and here, his portfolio is here, and his instagram is here.) 

the back of the save the dates are pretty rad too -- most of the writing is either rcg's handwriting or mine! there are a million fonts we could've used, but we decided to make our own instead. for only $6.99, ifontmaker, an ipad app, turns your 'abc's into a downloadable font! we each made at least one font (i may have made more than one!) and i used them when designing the save the dates and our wedding invitations. i thought it would be fun to have our own handwriting inviting our friends and family to join us, rather than someone else's, and i love the result. (plus, i'd never be satisfied if i had to choose from the thousands of font options -- this way i have to love it because it's my own handiwork.)

ps. check out our wedding website for more details.

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