Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 -- week 47 -- rain, rain, go away!

the five things we learned this week:

1. it rains in arizona -- other than monsoon season, we've seen hardly any rain. so we were shocked when it rained for two straight days. it would've been nice if it hadn't been so cold and there wasn't a bike race happening in tucson on one of those days.

2. never leave anything on the front seat of your car -- rcg's car was broken into this week. we were out to dinner, on our way to see a UA basketball game, and when we went back to the car to get jackets the front passenger side window was busted, and some items were stolen from rcg's bag on the floor.

3. get homeowner's insurance! luckily we already have it, so our insurance paid for all of the stolen items (minus the deductible, of course).

4. in tucson, there are a lot of amazing people who can ride for very long distances on their bikes -- each year, casino del sol resort hosts the el tour de tucson, a huge bike race that skirts along the perimeter of tucson. there are four distances participant can decide to ride (38, 57, 81, or 107 miles) and a lot of the money raised goes to local charities. it was so impressive to see so many people riding, in the rain, for hours. well done to everyone who participated!

5. joining kickball when we moved to tucson, was one of the best decisions we've made since moving here. as a result, we've already signed up for our fifth season. if you're interested in playing kickball (in your city or mine) check out this website for all of the details. it's a great time, with great people, and we can't recommend it enough.

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