Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 -- week 49 -- if only my camera could show you how beautiful baja arizona is.

did you know that arizona is one of the nation's leading growers of cotton? me neither. i had no idea until i moved here and drove all throughout pinal county and pima county and saw the expansive cotton fields! last year, all season long, as i watched the cotton go from tiny plants to flowers to bolls of cotton to the brown sticks that are left after harvesting, i told myself i should pull over and photograph the rows upon rows of cotton, but i was always late (story of my life) and never found the time. but this year, i made a point to pay attention to the cotton as it progressed, and brought my fancy camera on a number of occasions to document the beautiful plants that i drive by day after day. i just wish that the photos accurately captured what i saw.

at least once a week, as i drive to or from work, i am stunned by the absolute beauty of southern arizona. it's not a typical beauty; it's not green grass, tall trees, blue lakes, snow capped mountains, or sunny beaches beautiful, it's something so much more because you have to look so hard to find it. if you were to drive through southern arizona just once, you may not see it, but if you live here and see it every day, you'll know the gorgeousness of the brown rocky hills, the stunning sunrises and sunsets, the elusive saguaro flowers, the cloudless skies, the flat desert, the occasional desert animal, or the pitch black nights that show every star in the sky. unfortunately, the camera rarely does the scenery justice. but trust me, the beauty is here. come visit and see!

ps. happy birthday rcg!

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