Tuesday, December 31, 2013


another year gone. another year of pictures.

i think this journey that i've gone on with #fmsphotoaday is a spectacular visual record of the tiny, beautiful, funny, tragic, huge, and exciting moments of my life. and i'm still kind of in awe that i've stuck with it. it hasn't always been easy and the pictures aren't always amazing, but my phone is always with me, and while life has gotten hectic and my to do list is ever growing, i continue to take pictures and continue to document my day and my life. not all of it is (digitally) captured of course, but enough of it is to get a lasting picture of the ins and outs of my daily existence. and i think that's pretty rad.

please join me in january, i promise it'll be worth it!


red... mug abandoned in joshua tree // where you stood: at work, new shoes // silver: knitting for #fmsgiftexchange


tiny... burn on my finger // in the cupboard: contacts galore // shadow: date night at casa vicente


6 o'clock: making sugar cookies // i shop here: sprouts farmers market // this is the weather today: blue skies


r is for... reading // green: lead climbing class at rocks & ropes // joy is... receiving a package from australia 


composition: black & white kitten // drink: drowning dinosaurs // lights: i spy an elf!


makes me merry: being finished with christmas shopping // tree: broccoli! // big... pile of paper cranes 


'tis the season to... have a chocolate fountain // i'm listening to: my 68th book of 2013 // on the door: a moustache that cornelius desperately wants


sparkly: letters for #abrightproject // tradition: christmas morning cinnamon buns // wrapped: we let the usps wrap our presents


best bit of your day: a good kitten snuggle // where you slept: my delicious bed // what you're doing now: walking through downtown tucson, hanging out with my family, and working on #abrightproject


something awesome: queen mine tour // reflect, best bit of 2013: my adventures with rcg & my kittenz


you: i am a fashion god // celebrate... with champagne and friends

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