Wednesday, December 4, 2013


i'm always surprised when it's time to write another monthly round up of my photo a day pictures; time really does fly when you're having fun. this month, like every other one, it seems, was crazy busy. the highlights? our trip to los angeles, being part of an amazing kickball team, seeing soja in concert, and getting to substitute in a lot of different classroom settings. the low points? rcg's car getting broken into. luckily, we have awesome insurance and the things that were stolen were replaced by newer, fancier, shinier things! (i'm all about the silver linings!)


fruit: fruit cups! // i did this today: hiked on mt. lemmon // p is for... pickled fish, aka. anchovies!


table: office meeting // i collect... smushed pennies // music: soja concert


yes! homemade hush puppies // someone i miss: my baby brother // mine: homemade waffles


book: sandcastle girls by chris bohjalian // memory: a kiss from my grandpa // clouds: none.


part of me: i can touch my tongue to my nose! // eating: cupcakes, all day, every day // in my pocket/purse: my phone


play: kickball // 5 o'clock: snuggle time on the couch // mirror: broken mirror, broken window


where you ate breakfast: it's take your gf to work day // communication: telephone poles // i wish i had this! more cuties!


behind... the bar // simplicity: catching fire // a word: our newest painting, tucson dancers by wes jernigan


quirky: headless baby at cpr class // message: tusd wants me bad // no! no talking!


i am grateful for... someone else cleaning up // black: the telescope at the griffith observatory // all done: and all gone

how was your november?

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