Thursday, January 16, 2014

the best sugar cookies in the world!

a couple of years ago, some friends and i drove from nyc to kentucky for a wedding. unfortunately, my good friend avm couldn't join us, but she was kind enough to bake us some of the most amazing cookies i've ever eaten to take on the road. i kid you not when i say that even though i was the only girl in a car full of boys, i ate 90% of these cookies all by myself. ever since that trip, i've dreamt of these cookies. they were the perfect mix of crunchy and chewy, salty and sweet, and the icing wasn't too sweet or fluffy. in fact, i don't think i'd ever had a hard icing before, and it was divine. so when i said i'd participate in a cookie swap this past december, i decided i was going to try my hand at duplicating her delicious creations. and despite my sloppy icing job, they were pretty good! i definitely recommend this recipe to any cookie lovers out there!


the recipe i used is below, but you can find specific instructions on her website for the dough here and decorating the cookies here. she is much better at explaining how to do it and taking photos of her work than i am!

thanks avm for the recipe! they were so good!

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