Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2014 -- week 1 of #projectlife -- a whole new way of setting goals!

i have some big goals for 2014. i think we all do, right? every year we start out thinking "this year will be the year i pull it together", but do we actually succeed? how many of us have great intentions in the new year, only to be waylaid by life's little distractions? this is even more true when we make big, year-long goals, i think. the idea that your life and needs will be the same at the end of the year as they were in the beginning of the year is ridiculous, so why do we continue to make these huge, unachievable goals? 

i'm trying something a little different this year; i'm thinking in smaller chunks. i'm trying to make tiny day-long, week-long, or month-long goals, not big, scary year-long goals. and although the following list of goals, certainly looks big and scary, i take each goal one day at a time.

be more active.
be more reflective.

go on more adventures!

and i've found some little tools to help me reach these goals: a large monthly planner (like this one, only mine is handmade) in an awesome new notebook, fancy pens, and a fitbit. why a calendar, notebook, pens, and a step counter? because they keep me accountable. 

i use the calendar to keep track of all of the important or upcoming events in my life (including work, birthdays, appointments), as well as a place to write down my day to day activities. being able to look over all that i've accomplished in a day, week, or month, keeps me motivated to work hard and helps me to reflect on what went well or what still needs work. the notebook is a place to write down thoughts, ideas, and reflections, as well as a place to work on some of the projects i've started this year. the fitbit is to keep me accountable for my activity; it counts everything from my steps to how long i sleep. and it's an amazing way to be reflective and accountable for your activeness, or inactivity as the case may be.  (and great pens are an integral part of my life; i couldn't start a new year without new pens!)

how are you setting your goals this year?

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