Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 -- week 2 of #projectlife -- raul's rant!

each week, for the past two years, i've digitally documented my life with project life. and it's been amazing; i love being able to look through and see what we've done or accomplished that week. but it's often very one sided -- it's my life, or at least, our life through my eyes. i take most of the pictures, i put together the "pages", and i write about everything, but i'm not the only one who's life it's supposed to be documenting. it's supposed to document our combined life, rcg's and mine, and up until now it's really bummed me out that i couldn't figure out a way to get rcg more involved in the process without overwhelming and/or annoying him. sure, he's participated in day in the life before, but it's really hard to get him excited about this, and that's ok. he has other priorities, like buying me flowers (below) and eating cookies, and i'm fine with that. but this year it was my priority to get him a smidgen more involved, and i think i've stumbled on the perfect middle point: each week he'll get at least one square to "write" on. it's his square, so he can write about whatever he wants, but at least there will some documentation, by him, of his week. it's a step in the right direction if nothing else! (extra bonus: normally his squares are hilarious!)

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