Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 -- week 3 of #projectlife -- new traditions for 2014!

i'm not sure why we feel the need to start afresh at the beginning of each year, but we do. i think it has something to do with the freshness of the year that makes people want to start over, get new habits, try new things. but really our life is one continuous cycle -- if you want to start something new, start it now! not starting now is just an excuse -- it's easier for us to put things off until the next month or the next year because we want to start at the beginning. and i totally get that; the beginning is a nice place to start, especially if you're watching a movie. but our whole life is a movie, and it's impossible to rewind and start at the beginning so we might as well jump and get on with it.

and that's what rcg and i have done for 2014; we started new traditions. we didn't mean for it to happen at the beginning of the new year, it just kind of happened that way. we had a little help getting started though -- i received a fitbit force for christmas, i gave rcg 12 months of dates, the weather got warmer, and we were inspired.

our 2014 traditions:
bike to and walk up tumamoc hill!
go on one more hikes!
go on more dates! 

i'm really happy about how well we're doing so far with these "traditions". we've hiked tumamoc all three weekends of january and we're scheduled to hike picacho peak on january 25th. (pretend i'm not writing this post a couple of weeks late!) we've already gone on our january date to pima air and space museum and we've even gone on some unscheduled dates to see movies, go out to dinner, climb, and hang out with friends. 2014 is starting off right!

do you have any new traditions for 2014?

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