Friday, February 14, 2014

2014 -- week 4 of #projectlife -- how to get started with project life!

when i first starting doing project life, i struggled with whether i should make a physical or digital scrapbook. i love the idea of having a true scrapbook, with printed pictures, tickets, and other scraps, but ultimately, i was living in mexico, and figured digital would be best, at least to start.

so i bought official project life products, the digital templates and the cobalt core kit, because i thought that was the only way to do it. and i thought having the templates and cards would help me figure out what each "page" was supposed to look like. but after playing around with it for a bit, and scouring the internet for freebies, i've realized that you don't necessarily need the "official" products to make a scrapbook that successfully captures your memories.

but what really made me feel like i had a handle on digitally documenting our life through project life was getting better at using photoshop. the first year, i put pictures and journal cards on the "page" willy-nilly; whatever was easiest and looked pretty good was my standard. but as i watched more videos about how to bend photoshop to my will, i decided to give the templates a try. and i'm so pleased with the results; 2013's project life almost looks like it has a theme and someone who knows what they're doing. but then i found an amazing tutorial about using the templates to "divide" photos, and it totally changed the way i work with photoshop! finally, after two years, i finally feel like i have a handle on it.

if you're interested in trying out project life, there are a couple of ways to get started, but first i recommend visiting becky higgins's website, she came up with the concept of project life, and while there are many other brands that sell the materials needed, she does a really good job of explaining how easy project life is at documenting memories and what's needed to be successful. from there you can purchase items (if you want to create physical albums with printed pictures) from amazon or a store near you. or if you're interested in trying out a digital album you can visit digital project life, and purchase items there. (right now they're offering a free digital starter kit and baby cards for him and her!)

of course, if you want to try other brands, that's an option too: studio calico, designer digitals, technique tuesdays, and big picture classes are just a few that i've found, but there are many others as well. and almost every site will have freebies, which can be used digitally or printed out!

this is not a sponsored post; all opinions are mine alone. i just love having a digital scrapbook of our life and wanted to share the love to all of you, in case you've been dying to try it out for yourself but felt overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. 

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